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Margot Martin Media is a brand building, advertising, content creation, and social media producer and distributor. In addition, Margot Martin is the author of thrillers, biographical fiction, and explosive, deeply personal non-traditional poems and verse for women.



Couldn't put it down. The author has absolutely nailed the dynamics of television news in the golden age of New York and Los Angeles in the 90's. It's a great combination of egos, sleeze and mystery.

Happy Woman


A suspenseful, romantic and often comic ride through the world of television in the event-filled year of 1994. A great read with a terrific and unexpected ending. Looking forward to more from Margot Martin!

Man in Office


This is an excellent book. It certainly has its share of “WHOA” moments. I enjoyed it as if I were living in it. Even though it’s a fictional book, it certainly nails the diabolical behavior in business by some powerful men; especially of that generation.