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City Sky
Tall Buildings

"From the evocative cover to the last paragraph this story will transport you into the gritty and glamorous world of broadcast journalism.
I was captivated and entertained by this glimpse behind the scenes of this very modern LA story.
This book is smart, sexy, suspenseful & a hell of a lot of fun."


"From one who usually reads self-help and biographies, this fiction is spell binding and real page after page. So skillfully woven the intrigue and drama are truly artful entertainment that I read cover to cover in two sittings. This gal is a gifted writer and I'm awaiting her next."


"What an exciting novel. The author really dives deeply into this fascinating and unusual year in Los Angeles and the electric worlds of Broadcast Media and MLB sports.
She nails the narcissistic baseball star ,his halo and all who revolve around it.
It is a rush to be a part of these exciting, interesting and authentic worlds.
A must read."


"Wow! What an explosive, bullet train of a ride, from start to finish! Ms Martin masterfully weaves an intricate cobweb of characters, working in an adrenaline-charged network news station circa The OJ Bronco chase. An event that captured the worlds’ attention on television...

...YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! Excellent Find! Excellent Read!"

White Duvet

"Wow 'LA Breaking' is the best book I've read in a long time. The characters are so interesting and well developed. The story line is new and refreshing. I'm an avid reader of books of this genre and give 'LA Breaking' a five star review. Can't wait for a Movie Deal for Margot Martin!"